2017 15 August (8) 2
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The Unknown Miracle of the Forgotten Element: “Magnesium and Immunity”

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 47-52)

Research Article

Administration of Early Mobilization in Intensive Care Unit Patients and Effects of Early Mobilization on Patient Hemodynamics

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 53-58)

Expectations of Intensive Care Unit Nurses in Turkey

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 59-66)

Retrospective Investigation of Intoxication Cases Followed up in Intensive Care Unit

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 67-71)

Incidence, Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers in Intensive Care Patients

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 72-76)

Case Report

A Rare Case: Brugada Syndrome

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 77-80)

Chemical Pneumonitis Due to the Aspiration of Gastric Content Following Anaphylaxis-Related Vomiting

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 81-84)

Acetamiprid Poisoning Followed By Prolonged Muscle Weakness

(J Turk Soc Intens Care 2017; 15: 85-87)
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